Scythe board game is one of the best tabletop titles we’ve ever tried. It is adventurous, action-packed, exciting, well-drawn, and has so many other benefits so that we could continue to recite indefinitely. As always, there is only one “but”: the price. The original board game costs not less than $55, and the collection edition reaches $295! Not a reasonable money investment if you are not sure that you will like it.

If you really want to try but still hesitate there is a compromise between playing a popular game and a high price you need to pay for it. Scythe: Digital Edition is your solution. At a reasonable price of $19,99 you get the video game with all the named-above features, and even some additional which simply cannot be implied in the tabletop version.

You will easily immerse yourself into the atmosphere of fictional 1920’s with walking machines and grotesque engines. Some aspects of the game are fantastic and futuristic, and some are vintage and realistic. With plenty of activities like farming, building, developing technic, and making war, you won’t be bored for a minute. Every player’s need will be satisfied accordingly.

Scythe: Digital Edition is going to become your reliable guide to the 4X game world. There you can eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Want to get the most eXciting gameplay? You know what to do: get yourself Scythe: Digital Edition and the eXceptional satisfaction of playing it.