Full Launch Announcement and Patch notes! | September Dear players, Today's release is Scythe's full launch on Steam! Thanks a lot for your support and feedback! New features Hard difficulty AI Action Assist Display Camera Rotation Basic stats for local games Keyboards shortcuts (press Alt to display them) Extra sound FX Steam Content (badges, Trading cards and backgrounds) Mac OSX support New languages supported: Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. Bug fixes Players' Feedback implemented General Stability fixes Quality of life improvements Frozen animation bug when reloading a game What's next? The end of the Early Access doesn't mean the end of the free updates: we plan to keep adding new features in the coming weeks and months: Bribes (see page 26 of the rulebook) Spectator mode for online games Textured character models Drag & drop during Move action More local game stats Camera customization (rotation, animations) More improvements to Hard AI If you spot any issue, please report it on the forum and we'll investigate and fix it as soon as possible. If you enjoy the game and would like to support it, feel free to write a Review on the game's page. Cheers! - Asmodee Digital & The Knights of Unity Continue Reading Seaworthy Update patch notes Dear players, Thanks a lot for your feedback! This week's update is dedicated to all players who have shared with us their suggestions, error reports and logs, helping us tremendously in improving the game and cleaning up issues. New features - Nordic Seaworthy: it's now possible to retreat to multiple territories after Combat - Controls: permanent camera rotation - Controls: new option to toggle the keyboard shortcuts on/off - Local: when several human players are in a game, the Objectives and Combat Cards list are hidden by default. Click anywhere at the start of your turn to reveal their secret content. - Online: it's now possible to resume Play & Stay games - Online: it's now possible to create private games (invited friends only) - Online: min/max ELO change indicator in online games - Album: illustrations of Player Mats & Faction Mats added in a new tab Bug fixes - Crimean Coercion exploit fixed - Authentication issue fixed - Combat softlock fixed - AI rare freezes fixed - Online stability improved - Online: ELO and Karma ratings reset to their default values for the players whose ratings were under these default values due to technical issues (if you'd like to learn more on the ELO system, read this[www.daysofwonder.com]) - Blocked objective completion during actions fixed - Tutorial issues on 21:9 screen ratio fixed - Fix for Worker loaded on a Mech was not getting his move if the Mech forced an enemy Worker to retreat - Chatroom issue after the game summary screen fixed - Various sound FX issues fixed - Various keyboard-related issues fixed - Various issues specific to the Mac OS version fixed Soundtrack The new Factory track is available in game and in the free Soundtrack DLC: Continue Reading