Scythe: Digital Edition is deservedly considered as the real artwork of video gaming. All thanks to the graphics designed by Jakub Rozalski. The Polish artist creates realistic, detailed visuals, combines them with fantastic elements, and transmits them into the game.

The visual aesthetics becomes simply adorable so that we don’t want to miss a chance to enjoy it in real life. How to extend the visual satisfaction from the images seen in the game? We have a method and can share it with devoted Scythe fans.

We offer you to transfer your favorite images from Scythe: Digital Edition on clothes. And we can help you with this interesting mission. All you need is to select the game screenshot or picture, and we will print it on the clothes.

  1. The Scythe: Digital Edition T-shirt is available in sizes from XS to XXXL will cost you $17 that is even cheaper than the game itself. Buy it and wear it, what more to add?

  2. The Scythe: Digital Edition sweatshirt is available in sizes from XS to XXXL will cost you $29. Save yourself from cold on the late winter nights of playing.

  3. The Scythe: Digital Edition cap will cost you $15. Get your stylish, handy accessory to highlight your game devotion.

Want one of the fantastic machines to be printed on your T-shirt? No problem. Any imaginary character to put on your sweatshirt? A piece of cake! Drop us a line, and we’ll decide together how to create the perfect fan merch personally for you.


Available in 4 sizes, easily removable stickers are ready for some serious stickering.


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